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January 28th, 2010 in General by Sarah Lee 0
A little book full of travel ideas

It happens every year. Travel sections, magazines and websites give you their run-down of the places you must visit now.

In fact you don’t even have to wait for the end/start of the year to see these types of stories floating around – from why Siberia is suddenly the hottest place this side of the Arctic to 10 places to party/find solitude, explore/beach bum it, volunteer/live like a celeb etc, etc, etc.

It’s become such a hackneyed area that some writers have greeted recent listings with a healthy dose of cynicism – check out Grumpy Traveller’s brilliant take on this year’s ‘unmissable’ travel destinations here.

I’m a big fan of Globe Trekker the TV show that’s all about real travel to real destinations. So I was a little concerned that the Globe Trekker Year Book would contain a string of recommendations to see and do the same old things that everyone recommends year on year.

But their take on the world’s big events for 2010 doesn’t disappoint.  If the world has suddenly become too small for you you’ll find a wealth of inspiration there. Added to that the pocket-sized book also features a number of tasty recipes from the Planet Food show like Thai Tom Yum Soup and Mexican Vanilla and Lime Flan.

Some of my favourite travel recommendations, which I’m going to try to fit in this year are:

  • Songkran (Thai New Year) in Chiang Mai.
  • Wilderness trekking in Alaska.
  • The Cali Festival in Colombia – a huge annual salsa event.
  • Canoeing the Rio Grande through Texas.
  • And one day, just one day, I’ll get over to the Wife Carrying Championships in Finland.

It’s the one book assured to give me itchy feet this year as it packs a load of suggestions for £5.99. Check it out here

What are your hot destinations for the year? Do you plan to take in any unmissible events?

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