Ryanair’s toilet charge: it’s enough to make me sick

April 10th, 2010 in Flying by Terry Lee 5
Bring your change or cross your legs on Ryanair flights

Here my husband Terry writes a guest post on his experience of being taken ill on a flight and why Ryanair’s pay-for-the-loo plans are a concerning move.

So Ryanair is going ahead with plans to charge for using the toilets on board their planes. They really do intend to charge £1/€1 to spend a penny!  And no I’m not writing this on April 1.

Well for me there is low cost, then low standards, and I think they’ve just hit rock bottom.

I can only see an increase in air rage as people without a coin have their dignity trampled on when nature calls. Cabin crew could be turned into toilet police as they try to stop passengers holding the door open for the next user in a bid to avoid the payment process.

And what of the crew? Will they have to pay as well? Forcing your staff to pay for a call of nature would surely be a new low for Ryanair, an airline which already charges crew for essential training and uniforms.

Are we really to believe that a passenger with no money will be refused access to the toilet? In a desperate situation will the preferred policy be to allow passengers to mess themselves? What if you’re taken ill while onboard?

My personal experience makes me fear for us all. While on holiday in Greece some years ago, Sarah caught a projectile vomiting bug the day before we were due to fly home. Although of course we didn’t know it was a contagious bug at the time and she was feeling better by the time we left for the airport. Unfortunately the same could not be said for me. I still wince as I recall the look on an old Greek lady’s face as I vomited uncontrollably into her garden from three feet away. Not my finest hour.

And I thank God I wasn’t on a pay-for-the-loo flight. My visits were too many to count as I unfortunately was sick most of the way back. What would have happened if I’d run out of money? I would likely have just stayed in the toilet for the majority of the journey as it would have been cheaper.  But if I was on one of these Ryanair flights with just one toilet on board (oh yes, they’re planning to remove the other two toilets to get in extra money-making seats) could I have been ejected from the cubicle for overstaying my time?

There is the old adage that you get what you pay for. But do any of us really deserve this?

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