Norwegian Epic staterooms big on style and space

June 25th, 2010 in Cruising by Sarah Lee 7
The spa suites were my favourite staterooms and come with direct spa access.

So I’ve finally made it aboard Norwegian Cruise Lines’ (NCL) latest ship, Epic, for the European launch and I have to say I’m way more impressed than I imagined I’d be. Strangely enough Epic isn’t about size – although it is NCL’s largest ship – but about delivering great design and cool venues in grand style.

The ship’s staterooms are generally spacious and feature a curvy design, known as New Wave, to allow for more room and also to add some design details. Here’s a video of the stateroom I stayed in:

One of the first things that strikes you when entering the room is the bathroom – there isn’t one. Instead you’ll find separate toilet and shower cubicle/bath with a shower either side of your entry door and a curtain to divide it off from the rest of the room. This is possibly one of the oddest features of the staterooms and one that few cruisers are likely to be entirely comfortable with. After all, a curtain can only shield you from so much, ultimately leaving you to share many of your bathroom ablutions with your family/friends. Two other things bothered me with the bathroom. There was no bath mat in mine (perhaps an oversight) but it was easy to make the floor wet and slippy when getting out of the shower and then there was the washbasin. Ships are investing heavily in design and fancy washbasin’s are de-riguer but they just don’t seem to consider function in this. The washbasin in my stateroom was outside of the curtained-off bathroom area and small, so even washing my hands had the power to soak the surround. I’d imagine it would be very tricky for men when shaving.

On the plus side though all the staterooms I saw (bar perhaps the solo-friendly studios) have heaps of storage space – more than I’ve ever seen at sea, attractive features and muted tones, while every outside stateroom has a balcony.

Here’s a few other stateroom highlights:

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