We’ve a World Cup winner!

July 24th, 2010 in African travel by Sarah Lee 1
Who had the golden balls to pick the World Cup winners?

We’ve been pretty remiss and can only apologise for not announcing this before but as you know we’ve recently been swept away on a tide of music at the Benicassim Music Festival.

And with approximately a week spent in sunny Spain (where wifi was free but dismally slow at our hotel) we weren’t able to post about the winner of our World Cup score predictions competition.

It was of course a great football contest and it’s unpredictability (who can forget France disintegrating, Brazil going out in the quarters and England’s all round dreadful performance?) made the scores competition really tough – I doubted North Korea could beat Portugal but still didn’t expect Portugal to trounce them 7-0!

So here in reverse order are our top three score predictors. In third place with 119 points is Three Up – well done! Congrats to JackM for coming in second with a mean 169 points. And finally (drums please…) with a whopping score of 222 our winner is Abby Watts!

Abby receives a copy of Lonely Planet’s South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland guide and our congratulations for backing Spain all the way to win the competition with an impressive landslide score.