Put down the chopsticks and back away from the poison sushi

“Is there a doctor on board?” The good, bad and ugly of in-flight illness

June 16th, 2010 in Asian travel by Sarah Lee 1

Tucking into my fresh sushi purchased from Bangkok airport I had no idea of the grief it was soon to impart on my body. Food poisoning is never pretty but when you find yourself hogging the toilet at 39,000-ft on a 12-hour flight it’s really unpleasant! But everything in life is an experience and this taught me much about flying.

Thailand's renowned for idyllic beaches like Railay, Krabi

Deepening Thai troubles scar country

April 28th, 2010 in Asian travel by Terry Lee 0

Thailand’s political situation has been worsening – last year pro-government protesters (yellow shirts) blockaded Bangkok’s airport, halting flights for days. Now it’s anti-government protesters (red shirts) that are shouting loudest and the ensuing civil unrest has resulted in a number of countries, the UK included, warning against all non-essential travel to Thailand.