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Just how useful are travel reviews?

July 6th, 2010 in Cruising by Sarah Lee 12

I recently had the chance to sample Norwegian Cruise Lines’ latest ship Epic. I’ve just been reading through a fairly mixed bag of reviews of the ship – some saying it couldn’t be better, others quoting specific bad experiences and personal niggles. It’s made me wonder: how useful are travel reviews and do they say more about us than the hotel/ship/airline we’ve reviewed?

Put down the chopsticks and back away from the poison sushi

“Is there a doctor on board?” The good, bad and ugly of in-flight illness

June 16th, 2010 in Asian travel by Sarah Lee 1

Tucking into my fresh sushi purchased from Bangkok airport I had no idea of the grief it was soon to impart on my body. Food poisoning is never pretty but when you find yourself hogging the toilet at 39,000-ft on a 12-hour flight it’s really unpleasant! But everything in life is an experience and this taught me much about flying.

Iceland's volcanic dust cloud grounds us all | Dreamstime

Grounded? No, there’s plenty to see here

April 16th, 2010 in Flying by Sarah Lee 0

The Icelandic volcanic ash cloud and subsequent travel chaos has taught those of us in the UK one thing – we are indeed living on an island and if we want out our options are limited, especially when planes are grounded and our airspace closed. Thankfully this is rare else I fear we’d all go mad.

Bring your change or cross your legs on Ryanair flights

Ryanair’s toilet charge: it’s enough to make me sick

April 10th, 2010 in Flying by Terry Lee 5

Ryanair is set to go ahead with plans to charge for using toilets on board their planes. Well for me there is low cost and then low standards, and they’ve just hit rock bottom. I can only see an increase in air rage as people without a coin have their dignity trampled on when nature calls.

All aboard

Photoblog: No Binter way to travel the Canaries

February 4th, 2010 in Flying by Sarah Lee 0

Had a fun, even if slightly exhausting day, travelling from Tenerife to Gran Canaria to interview timeshare developers. It’s said travel is less about the destination but how you get there and today was proof that there’s some truth in that. Yesterday staff at my hotel teased me when I said I was flying with Binter Canarias, and given that I’m not the best flyer I was a little perturbed.