Celebrity Equinox at Meyer Werft shipyard

Steady as she goes – a cruise ship conveyancing

March 11th, 2010 in Cruising by Sarah Lee 4

There’s a fair few cruising posts on this blog this week, but with Celebrity Eclipse winding its way down the River Ems right now I couldn’t resist mentioning it here. Last year I went on the same journey (known in the cruise world as a conveyance) on Eclipse’s sister ship Celebrity Equinox.

Shaken not stirred: Martini Bar, Celebrity Equinox.

Can we handle our drink?

December 4th, 2009 in Cruising by Sarah Lee 0

Feverish headlines this week announced that Celebrity Cruises is set to launch ‘booze cruises’. The meat of the story is that the line is launching all-inclusive alcohol packages for cruisers. When I first experienced cruising I was surprised to discover that drinks were not included in the price of your cruise (perhaps some of this […]