Get switched on at a five star hotel

Five five-star riddles

January 29th, 2010 in Hotels by Sarah Lee 2

So here I am staying in a lovely five star hotel in Tenerife for the BGTW’s AGM. Take a look at La Plantacion del Sur – its very nice. Now before you sit in awe at a slightly spoilt travel journalist spouting about the hardships of staying at a five star hotel, let me say now – this is not a moan. These things are by no means restricted to this hotel, they’re merely five observations of strange features of five star hotels found the world over

Free wifi at the Orla Copacabana Hotel

Have free wifi? Sell it

January 12th, 2010 in Free wifi campaign by Sarah Lee 0

As I started this post I was convinced of one thing – though travellers want free wifi in hotels, hoteliers themselves don’t see any value in it. I have started a twitter list detailing hotels that offer free wifi and it has grown some, but one major problem is that hotels don’t always promote their service even […]

Art at St Pancras

London, a cultural classic

November 30th, 2009 in Featured by Sarah Lee 0

A few years ago I left the bright lights of London for a tiny Midlands village, but deep down I’m a city girl and London is one of my favourites. Of course most people love their hometown, but London, despite it’s many flaws (any commuter would happily fill you in on those) is one of the […]

Hotels offering free wifi are where it's at | pic Dreamstime

Free wifi? Check me in!

November 25th, 2009 in Free wifi campaign by Sarah Lee 2

As I write this I’m sat in my local pub, enjoying the warming glow of it’s log fire and a glass of my favourite red. For a change I decided to bring my laptop to my local to work from here for a couple of hours. Like I say, this isn’t my usual workplace, but I […]