">Sunset in Northamptonshire, UK I have to confess all too often I’m lured away from the UK to foreign shores. Consequently I’m not very well travelled here and have never been to the Lake District, the Scottish Highlands, Cornwall, or some of our most exciting cities like Liverpool, York, and until recently, Bath.

I have to say I fell in love with Bath – it is Georgian-class personified.

I was lucky enough to have some inside information on its attractions courtesy of the tourist board and some other contacts, but if you want to really discover Bath you’ll need a good guide, such as the newly revised free online Schmap guide. I’m not just recommending it because it features one of the photos I took on my trip (honest!), but because it’s mobile, techie and sexy.

The guidebook has been revolutionised lately. I still love a good old paperback guidebook, but as a devoted fan of Apple apps I have also bought a couple of guides for my iPod. The interactivity of the maps, direct links to websites, dynamic gps search and ability to carry them absolutely anywhere make apps and mobile guides like Schmap a must.

So what of Bath itself? Well my favourite attractions are:

Better still book your hotel, get your Schmap guide and check out Bath’s Christmas market from November 26 to December 6 – it looks gorgeously festive.

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">Dip a toe into Georgian Bath