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Asupini Ella Falls

Here’s everything you need to know about Asupini Ella Falls. Find all the information it in this article.

If you’re careful, the water can attain the highest of the falls in much less time. The slope of the cliff is slippery and you need to be careful to not overdo it. Asupini is derived from ‘Aswaya’ and ‘Pini’ or ‘Panina’ which mixed means “the horses jumped over the falls”. If you are going through aranayaka its higher to go together with a off road car.

Many folks use the higher part of Asupini Ella Falls for bathing. The waterfall was named after a well-liked historic fairytale story.

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The waterfall was named after the story referring to the story of a king who had many queens, in accordance with the ancient fable and tales. On his return from warfare, he assured them that he would give all his wives, a sign from the hills concerning the destiny of the war.

The foot of the autumn may be reached by touring via Mawanella in the Kegale District, across Horawela. The 30m fall forms part of the Maha River that originates from either side of the Raksawa mountains, and is itself 570m above sea degree. The upper area of the autumn winds by way of an area often identified as Uda Palatha, upstream of which is the Divisional Secretary’s Uduwella GS area, in the backdrop of Apalawatte Pallegama village. The fall types a plunge pool strewn with rocks where people are not inspired to bathe as a outcome of threat of drowning.

Garandi Ella (gerandigini Falls)

Located 570 meters above sea level, this 30-meter fall types the a half of the Maha River which originates on either side from the Raksawa Mountains. The place is a bit crowded on holidays especially through the festive seasons.

Asupini Ella Falls is another famous and delightful waterfall that’s located on the border of the Kegalle District. The waterfall is located in the upper reaches of the river within the Aranayaka, Rakshawa area in the Kegalle District. Also generally known as Asupini Ella Falls as nicely as Ahupini Ella Falls. This waterfall is about 325 toes excessive and consists of several components.

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The waterfall is alleged to be 23 meters in height, though there are number of very small waterfalls that get divided from this primary falls. This space was underneath the rule of Chieftain Ehelepola Nileme, in the course of the period of Kandyian Kingdom. The villagers believe the Chieftain has hidden his treasures within the fall. The view of this hanging waterfall may be very clear when travelling by way of Rakwana – Kalawana Road. The King determined to play a joke on his wives, who had been ready with their horses near the waterfall to see the visual message, by waving a white flag.

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Map Of  Asupini Ella Falls ( Ahupini Ella Falls )

Or you may should stroll nearly 1.5 kilometers.Upper level could be heavy dangerous in a wet day. If you like mountaineering, Sri Lanka is a great place to be. Sri Lanka is a unique mountaineering vacation spot, it’s the excellent landmark for all types of experiences, from easy walks to more intense trekking. There is a narrative among the villagers that Asupini Ella Falls is killed annually.

Also on the base of the pool are crevasses known as Pinikandawela and Tissakumarawella that are mentioned to accommodate treasure by villagers. Ask a villager about where you’ll have the ability to bathe in the waterfall. In any case, it’s good for the physique to take a shower in a spot the place the water is low as a outcome of there are harmful places in the waterfall.

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These parks are categorized in accordance with the sort and location of rainfall in Sri Lanka. Here is all of the details about all national parks and one of the best issues to do in the nationwide. Inter-monsoon season with excessive likelihood of tropical depressions.

Whatever stated, Asupini Ella is a beautiful and well-known waterfall that a traveller ought to explore. Handapan Ella could be translated in English as ‘moonlight falls’ and this time period self-explains its own unique magnificence. Handapan Ella starts to flow from Rakwana River and springs from Handapan Ella Valley.


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The water is clean, and the surroundings are a gem to look at. Although, this place just isn’t really helpful to visit through the wet season as it can get very slippery and the trail is rough. You can visit the highest of the waterfall and chill out.

Route From Colombo Ahupini / Asupini Ella Falls

He stated that if his troopers waved a white flag over the hills, it would mean he was defeated and killed in action and further stated that if he waved his personal flag bearing his crest, that he was victorious. The king played a foul play on his wives, who had been keenly waiting with their horses close to the waterfall to see the visible message by waving a white flag. All of his wives committed suicide by jumping over the falls.

Asupini Ella Falls ( Ahupini Ella Falls ) – අහුපිනි / අසුපිනි ඇල්ල

It forms part of Maha Oya and it’s thought of as one of the tourist vacation spot sites in Sri Lanka. Asupini Ella positioned in Aranayake, Mawanella is 43 km from Kandy. Surrounded by thickets of greenery, this attraction supplies a scenic view. As the road resulting in the falls is in poor condition, it can be difficult to entry Asupini Ella Falls at occasions. The fall is 49km from Pussalawe and 44km from Kitugala. The upper reach is about 5km from Dolosbage in the Kandy District, and can be accessed by passing Horawela.

The Means To Reach Asupini Ella Falls

Sri Lanka is a small island within the Asian region and has turn into one of the most visited vacationer destinations on the earth. Throughout the yr you’ll find a way to expertise a selection of climate. There are many issues you are capable of do in Sri Lanka to get pleasure from a beautiful and memorable trip. The most popular of those are mountaineering, waterfall viewing, wildlife viewing, safaris, jungle trekking, sightseeing, Surfing.

Asupini Ella Falls ( Ahupini Ella Falls )

Once a 12 months, a golden backside emerges from a ditch at the bottom of the falls. The villagers say that these incomes are coming at a time when it is close to killing the male prey. There is a sign at the place the place you go down to the waterfall saying that taking selfies and bathing is harmful. Here the Maha Oyahas shaped a waterfall surrounded by steep walls of rock and by jungle. Horawela path can be taken from Mawanella – Aranayake – Horawela route or Mawanella – Hemanthagama – Horawela route.