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Dehiwala Zoological Garden

Here’s everything you need to know about Dehiwala Zoological Garden. Find all the information it in this article.

The Zoo in Sri Lanka is extensively generally recognized as Colombo Zoo everywhere in the world. The Zoo has been an active member of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums and it contributes breeding for being part of animal exchange programs. It is actually one of the impressive locations to visit in Sri Lanka as nicely. The elephant’s efficiency is held on the elephant arena with a sure time table.

The National Zoological Gardens was established in 1936 and whilst just lately as 2010, claimed to have 2,500 to 3,000 animals together with one hundred species of mammals, 35 species of reptiles, and one hundred ten species of birds. Walking back and forth between completely different sections of the sanctuary enjoying the real life of a plethora of wildlife animals and birds shall actually have interaction family visitors with youngsters. The zoo offers a mix of comfy jungle mountaineering and sightseeing with a loads of forest patches and synthetic greenery you must go past whereas taking strolls within the zoo.

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There are loads of elephants chained up on the feet too, milling about in enclosures too small for them to even flip in. In different phrases, one should rethink the aim of the zoo, and turn it right into a butterfly park and insectarium rather than an space for giant, clever mammalian life. The zoological backyard has a small but picturesque butterfly backyard which is embellished with small shrubs, bushes, creepers and small streams. The inner temperature and humidity of the house is controlled by artificially created mist. The butterfly backyard reveals 30 species of butterflies in all levels of their life cycles for academic purposes. Sri Lanka has a historical past of amassing and maintaining wild animals as pets by each Sri Lankan kings as well as by European colonisers.

Walk-in Aviaries has more than sixty of beautiful bird species. In main three sections, almost one hundred fish varieties are taken care of on the Aquarium. Butterfly backyard is essentially the most lovely attraction where over 30 species of colorful butterflies fly here and there in the natural surroundings. Dehiwala Zoo has become well-known among the visitors not just for assortment of native and exotic animals but also for landscaping with lush greeneries.

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Pachyderms in shows perform antics such standing on their heads, wiggling their backs to music, hopping on one foot, and standing up on their hind legs. The zoo breeds quite a few endangered species from across the globe. A green anaconda which was delivered to Sri Lanka together with a male of her species, gave birth to 23 baby anacondas within the Dehiwala Zoo in 2008, and 20 of them survived. This was a really rare event of giving delivery whereas in captivity, especially in a comparatively unfamiliar territory. Pachyderms carry out antics similar to standing on their heads, wiggling their backs to music, hopping on one foot and standing up on their hind legs. The zoo consists of shaded pathways with arched cemented bridges for crossing animal enclosures though other equally enticing alternate options exist.

The aquarium is the only certainly one of its type in Asia and displays over 500 kinds of aquatic life. Also stroll by way of Aviary, Reptilian, and Butterfly Park to see another wonderful world of wild animals. All the 10 hectors of land of Dehiwala Zoo is a lavish feast on the great diversity of vibrant pure Eco system the place amazing number of flora contribute to green landscapes and gardens. The zoo has totally different sections the place you would watch completely different animal species and their habitats made in synthetic forest patches accessible through shady walkways.

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The primates particularly feel good nowadays too in their treetop abodes and are simply as numerous nowadays because the birds. However there are still clear indicators of decay and demise within the zoo. Whereas other zoos the world over-even Thailand has its own miniature reproduction of a safari park-have proper housing for their animal inhabitants, one wonders what the point of the Dehiwala Zoological Gardens really is. Perhaps the pride and joy of the zoo are the elephants, which are made to carry out and do tips for visitors. It is hardly correct remedy for intelligent creatures which clearly really feel grief and loneliness.

Plus wild macaws often eat clay to help in digestion and to neutralize the toxins within the fruits and leaves they eat, which ought to in all probability be thought-about in future no less than.

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The Zoo supports and promotes conservation by breeding certain rare and endangered species via correct animal welfare. Annually, over one and half million native and overseas tourists go to the Zoo.

Dehiwala Zoo open daily from eight.00 am to six.00 pm, is house to a large variety of Sri Lankan and international wildlife and bird-life. It is home to and children and adults flocked there to have a look at snakes, birds, fish, monkeys, and other animals. The Zoo has an aquarium display of over 500 kinds of aquatic life.

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The zoo was closed initially of World War II in 1939 as a outcome of the corporate’s proprietor was German. After the liquidation of Zoological Garden Company in 1936, the government acquired a lot of the gathering and added it to the Dehiwala Zoo collection. Although Dehiwala Zoo formally began operating in 1939, a formidable animal collection already existed as part of the Hagenback firm’s holding area where the public might go to. There are a lot more animals there, Lions, Horses, Reptiles, Butterflies, Sloth Bear, Chimpanzees, etc.

The diversity of the zoo is shown its in aquarium, two walk-through aviaries, reptile house, butterfly backyard and many enclosures of various sizes. Zoological Garden of Sri Lanka is located in 11 km from the Fort – Colombo, the zoo has a fantastic assortment of animals, birds, reptiles and fish from all over the world.


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The Dehiwala Zoo exchanges its residents with different zoological gardens for breeding purposes. In June 2021, a lion named Thor which had been living in the zoo since 2012 reportedly tested positive for COVID-19. Many of the zoo’s reptiles are housed on the reptile house.

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The activities for the guests also embrace elephant rides, pony rides and boat using. Regarded as one of the time-old zoos in Asia, National Zoological Gardens of Sri Lanka, largely generally identified as Dehiwala Zoo, is the primary oasis for wildlife animals to implement open zoo idea. With pleasantly vegetated landscapes of stunning assortment of flora, the Dehiwala Zoo, one of many fascinating vacationer spots close to Colombo, has numerous indigenous and unique species of mammals, birds, reptiles & amphibians.


Sanju was hand raised and now its show is exerted as an academic program about the chimpanzee’s behaviors. Dehiwala Zoo always trying to expand its animal assortment by introducing new species. In 2008, a three-month-old seal was delivered to Sri Lanka from the Krefeld Zoo in Germany.

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What is understood today as the National Zoological Gardens of Sri Lanka was founded by John Hagenbeck within the late Twenties. During John Hagenbeck’s possession of the zoos the facility was used as a group centre by his colleague Heinz Randow who collected quite a few native and unique species from across Asia, for Hagenbeck’s zoo; Tierpark Hagenbeck. The sea lions’ performances are displayed day by day on the sea lions’ pool. Unfortunately, this sea lion was housed in a measly enclosure with a makeshift bathtub during which to swim when not performing. So at present I’m going to share the photographs I captured there, with you.

Dehiwala Zoological Gardens

Besides, watching nightly circus and elephant exhibits are fairly interesting for guests of all ages. Elephants shall dance, perform activities and wave howdy at you. Guests are open to witnessing several other animal exhibits like educational packages on chimps and sea lion performances.