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Horagolla National Park

Here’s everything you need to know about Horagolla National Park. Find all the information it in this article.

This park incorporates a diverse vary of low nation moist zone animals and flora. This park is residence to 10 different sorts of mammals, 68 several types of birds, seven different varieties of fish, and 28 completely different varieties of butterflies, based on records. A massive variety of reptiles species discovered in the park together with completely different species Pythons and Cobras. forty kilometres from doubtless certainly one of the newest nationwide parks in Sri Lanka.Horagolla is considered a birdwatching website. According to Wikipedia, it is one of the latest nationwide parks in Sri Lanka. The park has been previously declared as a wildlife sanctuary, in 2014 it has been escalated as a nationwide park.

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Yet many animals, that are confronted to hazard, reside collectively in the Horagolla national park. Wild life researchers say that about 65 species of birds could be seen in the park. It is a colony of birds like Lanka hanging bird, dwarf king Fisher, Ceylon chook wing, and parakeets. So that some introduce the park as a chook sanctuary. Further uncommon sorts of tortoises can be found on the park. An adventure through the forest will refresh your body, mind, and soul.

The service cost is the same whether the variety of guests is two or ten. Special because of wildlife officers Sumith and Indika for the steerage via the sanctuary.

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A government guide will information you to discover all around the Horagolla national park. Somehow you can see many labeled timber with the widespread Sinhala name and the scientific name. You will meet a summer season home amidst within the canal.

Horagolla Walauwa can also be the old estate of the famous Bandaranaike household, as quickly as the ruling clan within the newly-named Sri Lanka. Horagolla is a type of lowland evergreen woodland. The park has humus soil structure and a excessive temperature that lasts all yr.

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Horagolla National Park could be very wealthy with natural world which include Hora , Kekuna , Godapara , Kithul , Nedun , Atamba , Ruk Attana, Ankenda, Milla and moonamal. Invasive species similar to Indian del are also frequent. The space is called Horagolla as a end result of abundance of Hora timber discovered within the neighborhood. If you travel about one kilometre from Nittambuwa to Veyangoda, you will arrive at the Pinnagolla junction. About 600 m on the left flip at the junction is the entrance to the park. Share Traveller is designed to share all the travel professionals require for travel.

The diverse flora within the park provide the food for birds, animals and reptiles in this habitat the place ample water resources are also obtainable. The park has a humus soil construction and extreme temperature persists throughout the year. Also numerous liana Entada rheedii (pus-wel) could be seen. In the forests of the park, Gmelina arborea , Filicium decipiens , mahogany, teak and golden shower tree are predominant. Horagolla National Park is probably certainly one of the latest nationwide parks in Sri Lanka. It is so known as due to an abundance of Dipterocarpus zeylanicus timber.

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Also Wenivel, which is in the herbal category and Watessa plant that covers a lot of the wet floor. Footpaths have been created to walk around the park. I noticed one, constructed parasitically on a fallen tree, which was easily two meters sq.. Tiny, noisy insects abound, giving an over-ripe tropical feel to the place. Swarms of buzzing mosquitoes discourage lingering in a single place . The overcast sky cleared and the sun shone, beaming its rays sporadically via the thick cover, simply in time to mild up a cobweb stretching throughout my path.

If anybody is involved, please share your findings with us in order that we could incorporate them into this web page in order to educate our future technology. The aforementioned Hog Deer Project is a conservation project of Hog Deers. According to the red information listing, Hog Deers are an endangered species. There few more Hog Deer conservation initiatives in Sri Lanka. Don’t come to conclusions that you’ll only discover snails and spiders here in Horagolla National Park.

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In 2004 July 28, Government of Sri Lanka converted Horagolla sanctuary to a National Park as Horagolla National Park beneath the same Ordinance. This park is extremely really helpful for chook lovers; generally seen birds are parakeets, black-crested bulbuls, barbets, and Asian koels. Instead of jeep safaris into the wild, a visit to this park helps to be one with nature in a extra laid-back method. Sense the freshness of the air as you stroll down the paths outlined inside the park and wash all that stress away.

But I managed to avoid this exigency because of the alms-giving and due to my request as a journalist who most well-liked to see things for himself. Overcrowding is the biggest drawback confronted by the traveler to scenic places in Sri Lanka today.


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Refer Wikipedia for extra particulars on history of Horagolla National Park. Among the animals at Horagolla National Park, there are numerous butterflies like the big Ceylon Birdwing in addition to many arboreal mammals. These include the grizzled squirrel, the smallest of the Oriental large squirrels in addition to the fishing cat.

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The wealthy Bio-diversity of the donated land led to the Wildlife Department to changing it right into a sanctuary which on July 28, 2004 was named as the Horagolla National Park. The Horagolla National Park might be attain by touring 35km on the Colombo Kandy street. The Park workplace is found 6 kilometers from this junction.

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Taking a stroll would be a more accurate means of describing the visit, for the park is 40 hectares in extent (the smallest of Sri Lanka’s national parks). I finished my walk in a single hour (done at a hurried pace on the request of the workers, as they had been busy with an alms-giving that morning). Adjoining the Horagolla wewa is a wonderful summer season hut constructed for visitors to rest on the finish of their walk via the forest. In the same location is an Animal museum and centre which treats injured animals.

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Unlike the typical nationwide parks of Sri Lanka, this park is wealthy in flora over fauna. Not to neglect, small mammals like fishing cats and grizzled large squirrels, scurrying of deeper into the forest when noticed. The park spans throughout 33 acres and is home for 10 types of mammals, sixty four forms of birds, 7 types of fish and 28 forms of butterflies. Initially this area was declared as a wildlife sanctuary in Oct 5th 1973 considering the wealthy bio variety of the world to be able to defend the world beneath the Fauna and Flora Protection Ordinance. The park’s mammals include the fishing cat, the Sri Lankan spotted chevrotain, the golden jackal, and the grizzled large squirrel.

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Among the opposite small and medium-sized mammals embody the golden jackal, an opportunist that lives throughout Eurasia and the water chevrotain. I had never heard of it until I examine it in a magazine devoted to nature and journey, and determined to have a look.