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Kala Wewa In Sinhala

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The approach to Anuradhapura through Dambulla reaches Kekirawa in the Kekirawa Divisional Secretariat and from there the gap to the tank is 6 miles (9.7 km).

King Dhathusena defeated the invaders and united the nation after which he wanted to rebuild the irrigation system by developing several tanks, canals, etc., in and round the dominion of Anuradhapura. While supplying water additionally for the small tanks in rural areas on the best way, the canal Jaya Ganga carried water from Kala Wewa and saved sufficient water in the Thisā Wewa for the population of then capital city of Anuradhapura. Twin reservoir advanced (Kala Wewa & Balalu Wewa) which has a capability of 123 million cubic meters. This practice, itself the end result of pure and financial conditions, should have had the impact of making the world cultivated differ greatly from year to yr. Thus in dry years there could be comparatively little agricultural employment, and far labor could be available for the development of the good works such as Kalawewa tank, and the canals from the perennial streams to the dry zones. The present reservoir was restored in 1887 and in 1939, it was enlarged by 6 ft. .

Yr 1887: Rehabilitation Of Yoda Ela [sinhala: Big Canal]

Kala Wewa, built by the King Datusena in 307 B.C, is a twin reservoir complex (Kala Wewa & Balalu Wewa) which has a capability of 123 million cubic meters. This reservoir advanced has facilitated with a stone made spillway and three major sluices. King Dhathusena was very eager on data with regard to a spot very appropriate to construct a tank to be the large one in the history of Sri Lanka.

“Each repair”, Captain C. Woodward goes onto say, “will have to have been task of great magnitude only to be undertaken within the case of works of extraordinary utility and the tank was of this extraordinary utility.” King Dahatusena’s eldest son, who was to turn into King Sigiri Kassapa, the builder of Lion Rock Citadel Sigiriya, having usurped the throne of Lanka, had demanded the royal treasure from his father.

Dhatusena Of Anuradhapura

Kadawa mentioned, “No sir, I even have not seen anything attention-grabbing however in a brook somewhere in the jungle, water is being blocked by the flora called Kala that has been grown throughout that stream. According to this legend, it was the spot wherein the king created the Kala Wewa. Ft. and has facilitated by a stone-made spillway and three major sluices (Yodha Ela, Goda Ela, and Balalu-wewa).

This reservoir was built by the King Dhatusena who dominated the nation throughout 455 – 473 CE in the fifth century. This reservoir was constructed by the King Dhathusena who dominated the country throughout 455 – 473 CE within the fifth century. Captain C. Woodward, an illustrious irrigation engineer in British Ceylon, an typically quoted authority on the Ancient Irrigation Works of Ceylon, says the embankment was breeched three if not four occasions.

Kala Wewa Ancient Irrigation Reservoir: The Move Of Waters

Then king requested him of any fascinating thing he had seen whereas residing within the jungle. Kadawa mentioned, “No sir, I truly have not seen something interesting but in a brook someplace in the jungle, water is being blocked by the flora known as Kala that has been grown across that stream. According to this legend, it was the spot whereby the king created the Kala Wewa.

The breaches in 1957 were repaired in 1958 and the dual reservoirs Kala Wewa and Balalu Wewa were merged together to type one giant reservoir . In 2015, the reservoir was rehabilitated by the Dam Safety & Water Resources Planning Project. Its circumference is forty miles (64.4 km) and has a complete area of seven square miles (18.1 km2) at full capacity. Length of the dam is 22,572 ft (6,879.9 m) and the height is 48 toes (14.6 m).

The Period Of 1883-1887: Rehabilitation Of Kala Wewa

There are some folklore on how the king was able to find a spot for the tank he imagined. There was a man referred to as Kadawara who left his household and went to live within the jungle due to his wife’s insufferable and repeated insults and disrespects in the direction of him.

Having promised his son of the royal treasure, the King had bathed, had drunk at Kala wewe reservoir and had shown the nice reservoir and had mentioned “Here is all my treasure.” The Kala Oya valley has been dammed by a 5 miles (8.04 km) long earthen embankment of about 60 ft. high .

The Builder Of Kala Wewa Reservoir: Probably The Most Righteous King Dahatusena

We found the double sluice of the Kalawe tank in good preservation, constructed of very large blocks of hewn stone extraordinarily properly joined; and, as is the case with all tanks meant for the purposes of irrigation, the retailers for the water were on stage with the bottom part of the interior excavation. The magnificent Kala Wewa-Balau Wewa Reservoir submerging an space of 64km in circumference was created by constructing an immense dam, 60 to eighty feet in peak, throughout the valleys of the River Dambulla-oya and River Mirisgoni-oya which conjoin their waters a couple of paces onto the entrance of the reservoir. Augmented by the waters of River Hawnella-oya and the copius drainage of the north-western slopes of the Matale hills, this twin tank, even at present, at barely different elevations, yet served by the identical source, at its mightiest water degree, floods a total space of seven sq. kilo meters. The spill-water is a superb mass of sold masonry, and the size of the principal embankment, based on the account of our guides , I believe to be about five miles; at one of the places where it had burst, I ascertained the sides of the chasm to be seventy feet in peak. Other lateral embankments of nonetheless larger length, but of much less top accomplished this stupendous work, which, in a a lot more contracted form, had existed for lots of centuries before it was improved by the king Dasenkelleya, a short while earlier than he was murdered 477AD.

After some years within the jungle he was properly accustomed with wild animals and lived with a flock of deer. One day a hunter abruptly seen this unusual man living with animals within the jungle; went to the palace and told the king that it seems that evidently this strange man lives within the forest so as to guard an unknown treasure there. When the king questioned him of the treasure, Kadawara revealed his true story and advised real purpose for his leaving the city and dwelling within the jungle.


Kala Wewa – History

Relatively small continental island, it displays a outstanding variety of forest varieties, which are among the many biologically considered one of richest forests in Asia. First restoration to the tank is done by King Parakramabahu I in the 12th century. The tank was renovated a quantity of instances up to now as within the period of British Governor Sir William Henry Gregory (1872–1877 and Sir Arthur Hamilton-Gordon (1883–1890).

Kandalama Reservoir

After the British rule in the nation and in 1958, the tank’s bund was reconstructed connecting the tank with Balalu Wewa. Being one of major storages within the Mahaweli Irrigation Scheme since 1976, the tank serves to the population within the North Central Sri Lanka. It is used for contemporary water fishing and the flora, specifically the grasses in its valley, is the primary sources of silage for the herds of cattle within the area. After the British rule within the country and in 1958, the tank’s bund was reconstructed connecting the tank with Balalu Wewa. Decisive and major battle in the marketing campaign carried out by Sri Lankan king Dutthagamani in opposition to the invading South Indian king Ellalan.


The stays of this tank alone, constructed under a very disturbed reign, and instantly after long continued wars with the Malabars, who had solely been expelled from the capital a few years before, present that then an excellent populations existed underneath the management of a despot who may direct their labors. Tamil invaders who arrived from South India ruled the island through the period from 429 to 455 AD. King Dhathusena deposed them and united the country and then He wanted to develop the irrigation system by constructing a number of tanks, canals, etc., in and round the dominion of Anuradhapura. King Dhathusena deposed them and united the nation after which he needed to develop the irrigation system by setting up several tanks, canals, etc., in and spherical the kingdom of Anuradhapura. Tamil invaders who arrived from South India dominated the north part of the country through the period from 429 to 455 AD.

Kala Wewa – Kala Wewa

The water of the reservoir brings to the Tissa Wewa reservoir in Anuradhapura by an ancient fifty four miles (86.90 km) long canal called Jaya Ganga Arumugam, 1969; Nicholas, 1963]. This canal was also built by Dhatusena and it’s thought-about a singular creation of ancient engineers . The gradient within the first 20 miles of this canal is alleged to be solely half a foot to the mile . As Dambool lay within the middle of the district by which I was agent, it often fell in my route when visiting different components of the country; and from hence, in 1832, I proceeded in firm of with Mr.Turnour to look at the remains of the Kalawa tank and search for the foundations of the Fort of Vijitapura. We established ourselves on the village of Mahaellegamma, twelve miles from Dambool, close to the embankment of a large tank which is in good preservation, and incorporates a provide of water adequate to irrigate a big extent of rice –land.