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My Country Sri Lanka Essay

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There is a fence across the garden. It is a high fence.There are numerous kinds of bushes within the garden.

Now she lives with us in Nugegoda. She teaches in St. Joseph’s Girls School.

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It has greater than 1,056 miles (1,seven hundred km.) of coastline. If I could make changes English essay Today the fast moving world has confronted plenty of issues.

It was organized by the English literary Association of the college. The chief guest was the zonal director of Education. The day is proceeding to commend at 12.00 p.m; with the…

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Sri Lanka is a multi-ethnic country. There are Sinhala, Tamil ,Muslim and Burghers communities.

Fasting can be a little difficult when it falls during summer season. Though will in all probability be a little difficult, a Muslim fasts joyfully in any season, obeying the orders of Allah. There are Muslims who love summertime fasting probably the most.

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The crops give out a candy scent within the evening. I love being in the backyard and I watch the butterflies.

How To Write An Essay About My Country Sri Lanka. Sri lanka is my house nation, the “pearl of the eastern see”. Its status is legendary all through the world. My country is sri lanka the name of my nation is sri lanka. The land area of my country measures nearly 2500 square miles and 30.

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There are Buddhists, Christians, Muslims and Hindus. President is Maithripala Sirisena and the Prime Minister is Ranil Wickremesinghe. The national flower is the Blue Water Lily.

Violence continued in the Nineties. In 1993, the president was assassinated by a suicide bomber. When I am going to highschool, he is looking at me. When I am doing my homework it stays near me. There are also different helpful in addition to enjoyable and interesting channels.

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Our nationwide anthem is ‘Sri Lanka Matha’. The official languages in Sri Lanka are Sinhala, Tamil and English. It is a small island in the Indian Ocean. This is an agricultural nation. These are Russia, Mongolia, Namibia, Argentina, UK, Canada, Kazakhstan, South Korea, US and Sri Lanka. US and Sri Lanka are latest countries which ink civil nuclear deal with India.

We take fruits, greens, grains and green leaves from bushes. We additionally eat roots like carrots, sweet potatoes, manioc and beetroot.


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Sri Lanka’s inhabitants is estimated to be over 20 million people. Natural sources abound on the island, which supports a diverse financial system targeted on agriculture, mining, fishing, business, and tourism. Sri Lanka gave the impression to be on its method to changing into a stable and rich democracy when it gained independence in 1948. Sri Lanka has totally different climatic conditions.

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There are many spectacular locations such as Botanical Garden of Peradeinya And Hakgala Gardens. Most Europeans like the standard tea produced within the country. We export crops are tea, rubber, coconut, sugarcane, cinnamon to varied nations.

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Sri Lanka is surrounded by Indian Ocean. The land space of my nation measures almost 2500 square miles and 30 p.c of its lined by forests. The pure fantastic thing about the country led it to being called pearl of the Indian ocean. I spend my leisure hours in my garden. My backyard is in entrance of my house. I actually have ready the flower beds and planted varieties of flowering vegetation.

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The nationwide tree is the Na tree. The national chook is the Jungle Fowl. The nationwide animal is the squirrel. The nationwide sport is volleyball. Sri Lanka is an island off the southern coast of India within the Indian Ocean.

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Her favourite food is grapes and her favorite color is purple. Her favourite topic is Science and he or she would like to be a teacher.