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Ruwanwali Maha Saya

Here’s everything you need to know about Ruwanwali Maha Saya. Find all the information it in this article.

While the work was occurring the king fell ill and he sent for his brother Sadatissa and informed him to complete the work. Sadatissa seeing that his brother’s finish was shut, lined the unfinished dome with a overlaying of white material taking pains to cleverly camouflage the unfinished construction to resemble the finished stupa.

After building the Lohamahaprasada, the seven storied constructing and donating it to the priesthood, he started building the most important brick structure the world had ever seen at the time. The location of the stupa was already chosen by the good Mahinda Thero and king Devanampiyatissa had planted an enormous stone pillar on the location.

Ruwanweli Maha Seya

The stupa is whitewashed annually before the arrival of the Vesak and Poson season which falls in the months of May and June respectively. It is taken into account a most honored task and is carried out with nice dignity, piety and enthusiasm. Between the Ruvanveliseya and the Lovamaha Prasada the terraced house is named the Panhambamalaka or the Panamba maluwa. This is believed to be the place the place the physique of the great Thera Mahinda lay in state earlier than cremation. These embrace the statue of Queen Vihara Maha devi, the mom of king Dutugemunu.

The current principal method to the Ruwanweliseya is from the east. Its nice immensity soaring excessive into the sky built in a day where technology was primarily man energy. Having received the inscribed pillar eliminated, the ruler had the positioning of the thupa there dug to the depth of seven cubits (about 17 ½ feet) in order to make it agency in varied ways. After the defeat of Elara, the South Indian invader and bringing the whole country beneath one rule by the great warrior king Dutugemunu, constructing of Ruwanweli Seya has been given probably the most prominence in most historical texts in Sri Lanka.

Kujjatissa Pabata Vihara Or The Tomb Of Elara

This stupa is certainly one of the world’s tallest ancient constructions standing at a height of approximately 103 m and with a circumference of 290 m. Consequently it stands among the prime within the list largest stupa in Sri Lanka. It can be the place the place the Maha-vihara monks assembled to distribute the four requisites the monks receive, particularly robes, alms, dwelling quarters and medication. All across the Ruwanweliseya are ruins of buildings mostly unidentified which have not been excavated or conserved. The few buildings which have been acknowledged have principally been recognized by their architectural features.

More are the ruins to be exposed of maybe monastic buildings, hospitals and sacred edifices. But all of them lie silent; an historical world lost beneath the right now. The fantastic clay that’s to be discovered on the spot, for ever moist, the place the heavenly Ganga falls down (upon the earth thirty yojanas around, known as due to its fineness, (butter-clay) Samaneras who had overcome the asavas, introduced the clay hither from that place. Over this did the lord of the land command them to lay mountain-crystal. Over the layer of mountain-crystal he had stones spread ; all over the place all through the work did the clay referred to as butter-clay serve .

Ruwanweli Maha Seya – රුවන්වැලි මහා සෑය – 2

It is alleged that this price the king 6.4 million coins in wages, and that the employees acquired meals and clothes and a substantial ‘extras’ for the work. On prime of this stunning ‘bubble’ formed Mahathupa was a ruby as big as a man’s fist, and today the Burmese individuals have donated a rock crystal, which is 2 toes high to switch it. Because of it is lengthy historical past of guarding the traditions of Theravada Buddhism, and since its monks kept essentially the most sacred shrines at Anuradhapura, was an important monastery of town.

Around this stupa you will also see statues made out of granite of King Dutugamunu, Queen Vihara Mahadevi and King Bhathika Tissa ( ). King Bhathika Tissa has covered the stupa from the pedestal ledge to the highest of the head with fragranced garlands. At one event, he had pained the entire stupa with vermilion and made t look like a bouquet of flowers. At one other occasion he had lined the stupa with flowers and water from Abhaya Wewa has been pulled to the top utilizing equipment means and watered the flowers from the highest. Ruwanweli maha Seya was constructed by the good king Dutugamunu who reigned from 137BC to 119BC from Anuradhapura. Next to Sri Maha Bodhi, Ruwanweli Seya temple is the most honored Buddhist website in Anuradhapura.

Dr Thambugala Initiates Whitewashing Of Ruwanweli Maha Seya

King Dutugamunu didn’t stay to see the completion of this huge stupa. When the king fell ill, he sent his brother to complete the work of the stupa. On King Dutugamunu’s death bed he wanted to see this stupa and his brother coated the whole dome in white material and constructed the upper portion of the stupa in bamboo and painter it in imitation gold and carried the king to the stupa to level out the “competed” stupa.

With resin of the kapittha-tree, dissolved in sweetened water, the lord of chariots laid over the stones a sheet of copper eight inches thick, and over this, with arsenic dissolved in sesamum-oil, a sheet of silver seven inches thick. Adjoining the Panhambamalaka is the alms hall referred to as the Catussal of the monks of the Mahavihara, built by king Devanampiyatissa within the 3rd century BC. In close proximity to the Ruwanweliseya is an ancient building popularly generally recognized as the Ramsimalaka which is believed to have been the Sannipatasala or the Convocation Hall of the monks of the Mahavihara. There is evidence that this constructing had eight rows of pillars with ten pillars in each row however with no walls in between them. As such students imagine that this constructing would have been an open structure. Panhambamalaka – Where Elder Mahinda’s body lay in state.

Ramsimalaka – The Convocation Hall

Traveling from Puttlam you’ll move scenic Wilpattu space. The From Kurunegala there are two main routes to Anuradhapura. Out of all the routes, the commonly used is the Kurunegala – Dambulla route .

Ruwanweli Maha Seya is not the most important neither the oldest of the stupas erected in Anuradhapura, however this is essentially the most commemorated by the Buddhists surpassing all other nice stupas. It has the most imposing assortment of relics of Gautama Buddha than was ever enshrined in some other dagaba in the island.


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Dr. Thambugala had then initiated the whitewashing activities after receiving the blessings of Ruwanseli Maha Seya Chief Incumbent – Ven. The stupa was built by the great King Dutugamuu who reigned from 137BC to 119BC . Ruwanweli Maha Seya is a prominent Buddhist stupa located within the historical historic city of Anuradhapura. In 1893 the work of reconstruction was begum by Rev. Naranvita Sumanasara thero and later continued by the Sri Ratnamali Chaityavardhana Society.Presently after a quantity of renovations and reconstructions the Ruwanwelisaya rises to the height of 350 ft with a diameter of 300 ft. Anuradhapura may be reached by way of many routes from Colombo. The two major routes are via Puttlam and although Kurunegala.

Driving Directions To Ruwanweli Maha Seya (anuradhapura)

And so when the dying monarch was introduced in a palanquin and beheld what he believed to be the completed superstructure he “became glad at heart”. After Dutugemunu’s death Sadatissa finished the work of the stupa. The king had a silver plate, seven finger-breadth thick, laid over it with arsenic mixed in oil of sesamum. This is how the chronicle Mahavamsa describes the preparatory efforts for the constructing of the Great Stupa; the Ratnamali Mahathupa popularly generally identified as the Ruwanweli Mahasaya and maybe the most commemorated amongst all of the stupas of Lanka.

Ruwanweli Maha Seya

On the west side of the compound, Basawakkulama tank dates again to the 4th century B.C. The Thuparama Dagoba, north of the Ruwanweli Seya is considered to be the oldest dagoba in Sri Lanka. It is popularly believed that the collar bone of Lord Buddha is enshrined within this dagoba. The top of the golden pinnacle and the crystal is 25 feet. The famous hasti-prakara or the elephant wall upholding the dagoba platform is a simulation of a line of elephants in front view.

Monastery Buildings

Some historical statues and stone work are kept on the paved stone courtyard and in the shrine room. The huge stupa, which is 338 toes in peak and 942 toes in circumference, is one of the revered and spiritual places of Anuradhapura – the ancient city of kings.

Ruwanweli Maha Seya – රුවන්වැලි මහා සෑය

The king removed this pillar and started to built the stupa. This pillar can be seen even today where king Dutugemunu placed it. An early morning stroll in this area through forests of lost columns, stonework, elaborate carvings, ponds and pathways is overwhelming.