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Va Whisky Price In Sri Lanka

Here’s everything you need to know about Va Whisky Price In Sri Lanka. Find all the information it in this article.

With a rich story behind the whisky dating again to 1902, the V&A Gold Whisky was manufactured to deliver a high quality whisky at an inexpensive value. The name derives from the Russian word ‘Voda’, that means water.

Search and add costs of multiple objects or completely different markets to our chart device to match and analyze price developments. Wine-Searcher’s historical data and benchmark evaluation offers trustworthy and priceless insights into doubtless market tendencies. Rum is made by fermenting after which distilling the byproducts of sugarcane – juice, syrup or molasses. This superior va white rum is distilled with pure sugar cane juice.

Value Collections Of Whisky In Sri Lanka

Dizzy is your number one source for liquor worth info in Sri Lanka. We’re dedicated to offering you the up-to-date and accurate information’s which can help your buying determination. V & A Whisky – With a wealthy tale behind the whisky relationship back to 1902, V&A Whisky was manufactured to convey a prime quality whisky at an affordable price. IDL manufactures V&A Whisky with quality at its core focus. V & A is the market leader in its category and has been perceived by many as the popular Whisky manufactured in Sri Lanka.

Finest high quality grain and coconut spirit blended To perfection. Malted barley is the defining grain of Scotch, the area of production derives from the name in itself, Scotland.

Double Black Blended Scotch Whisky 1l

It is made by fermenting any starch or sugar meals after which distilling the combination to the specified alcohol degree. Vodka is called a perfect base for cocktails, as it highlights advanced taste of the drink.

Liqueur is a candy alcoholic beverage created from flowers, nuts, spices, herbs and of course, alcohol. While flavored alcohol often does not contain added sugar, it’s not the same with liqueur. Although Liqueur could be consumed as a stand-alone drink, it’s often used in cocktails. Gin should at all times have a predominant flavor of Juniper, in any other case it can’t be categorized as Gin. Gin is produced from a base of wheat or barley, which then goes though fermentation and is distilled. Juniper berries are added with water until desired alcohol and flavor levels are met.

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You will find a extensive variety of bottle of whiskey within the Sri Lanka obligation free retailer. Take benefit of the tax free prices that the shops provide so you can buy a high quality present. Price collections are our curated collections of price knowledge based mostly on numerous criteria. We provide these collections that will help you discover the best worth knowledge extra simply. Fine english dry gin delicately flavored with many botanicals corresponding to juniper berries and coriander, lemon, almond, cinnamon, mint and infused in 100% grain spirit.

Spirits is a broad time period used to describe alcohol normally, excluding wine and beer. The base of alcohol is made by fermenting sugary brew into ethanol and carbon dioxide. To encourage more ethanol production, the alcohol is saved in vats which allows solely the carbon dioxide to escape. This web site is an e-commence store for alcoholic merchandise and isn’t appropriate for individuals beneath the age of 18. Recently launched in Sri Lanka the product has already established presence in its segment throughout the country and accepted in the premium whisky class.

V & A Gold Whisky

We suggest that you just select from the extensive selection of Scottish whiskey, and as a result of of its wide selection, is sure to offer a flavor and style you get pleasure from. Find premium drinks with reducted prices in our obligation free stores. There is nothing better than shopping for a bottle of whiskey on your journey to get pleasure from with your liked ones and pals after a protracted interval of travel.

The 5 whisky producing regions of Scotland are The Highlands, The Lowlands, The Isle of Islay, Campbeltown, and Speyside. There are two major classes of scotch – Single Malt and Blended Whisky. Tequila can only be originated from a delimited area of Mexico. The spirit is manufactured from the cooked and fermented juice of Agave, a succulent plant discovered mostly within the nation. Traditionally, the plant takes 5 to 12 years to mature however technology has discovered a way to velocity up the method.

Evaluations For V&a Whisky 750ml

It additionally organizes native commerce exhibitions to deliver the exporters and consumers together. Carefully matured and blended to create va xo very special; savor its unique mix of heat with full-bodied notes. Robust on the palate, the flavor conveys this fruity sweetness in addition to hint of chocolate.

This product Is made from 100% Grain distilled by our group firm which is the only Grain Based Distiller in Sri Lanka. The fantastic grain sprite is mixed and matured in Oak barrels in a novel tropical condition.


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The premium single malts similar to Talisker, Cardhu and The Singleton go away their single malt to mature for a minimum of 10 years. Whiskey is a distilled spirit created from fermentation of grain and maturing it in wood containers for a time period. To properly drink whiskey, one must sniff it, take a few sips to evaluate the flavor and revel in it. All Blue Vodka using the best grains sourced From the solar kissed cornfields of sri lanka, This tremendous premium grade vodka is distilled Three instances to ship a clean, crisp taste. Buy your tax free bottle of whiskey on the Sri Lanka Dufry website and collect your order in the Sri Lanka obligation free store the day you journey thanks to our Pick and Collect service, ready so that you simply can get pleasure from an unparalleled flavor. Around 90% of whiskies sold in the world are Blended Whisky, containing a combine of grain and single malt whiskies.

Johnnie Walker Black Label Whisky

V & A Gold Whisky – Scotch malt whisky matured for no much less than three years and immediately imported from Scotland, blended with imported grain spirits matured in Oak vats for further smoothness. V & A Gold the go-to product for premium domestically manufactured whisky in the nation. VA Black is a one hundred pc grain primarily based product from many years of analysis matching prime quality International standards.

Rare Breed Whisky

100% grain vodka Triple Distilled in Traditional copper Pot Distillations filtered in conventional Russian vodka Filtration system. This premium vodka is produced with 100% natural most interesting Sri Lankan grown King Coconut Which retains the natural traits of this product throughout distillation. It is the one vodka ever produced to have expressions of king Coconut, which brings forth a new stage of experimentation to vodka. VA Black Premium is an ideal drink hailing from a mixture of natural spirit with coconut spirit. This mixture is well fermented, matured and aged in American Oak Vats. Blended whisky is a mix of a quantity of whiskies, which can themselves be made from any mixture of malted and unmalted grains.