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Yala National Park Map

Here’s everything you need to know about Yala National Park Map. Find all the information it in this article.

No matter what your selection is, a reminiscing experience is awaiting there to please your coronary heart in addition to your soul. The widespread bluebottle, common lime butterfly, crimson rose, widespread Jezebel, and customary Mormon are the frequent species. Crabs and prawns embrace the fauna within the lagoons of the park. There are 18 amphibian species that have been recorded from Yala, whereas Bufo atukoralei and Adenomus kelaartii are endemic to Sri Lanka. There is a small and store at the entrance however it principally has chips and sodas.

Woodpeckers are also found in abundance in the forests, as are Malkoha and cuckoos, parakeets, and parrots. Lithe flyers corresponding to lapwing, drongo, swallows, swifts, warblers, plower, wagtails, pipits and terns typically reside in and across the grasslands.

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Subsequently, four different blocks had been included to the park. Kumana National Park, Yala Strict Nature Reserve and Kataragama, Katagamuwa, and Nimalawa sanctuaries are continuous with the park. Like within the everlasting camp, that is the place of luxurious with many rooms and lavish tents. The most vital fact about this place is the breathtaking views of the endless ocean coupled with the magnificence of emerald greenery across the camp. The rooms, as nicely as the tents, are properly furnished to make your keep a comfortable one. They will give you quite so much of other companies including preparations for sightseeing.

The wetlands and coast areas, as well as the high canopies of the forests provide wonderful habitats for avians, and a few 215 totally different species stay throughout the park. Birds are so ample right here that Yala National Park has been named certainly one of 70 important chook areas within Sri Lanka. The reptile fauna recorded from the park is 47 and six of them are endemic. Sri Lankan krait, Boulenger’s keelback, Sri Lankan flying snake, painted-lip lizard, Wiegmann’s agama, and Bahir’s fan-throated lizard are the endemic species. The coastal line of the park is visited by the all five globally endangered sea turtles that go to Sri Lanka.

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The forest birds are orange-breasted green pigeon, hornbills, Old World flycatchers, Indian paradise flycatcher, Asian barbets, and orioles. Including dry and moist monsoon forests, the nationwide park also has marine wetlands, deciduous forests and thorny forests and even sandy beaches. The bushes are, thus, from a selection of species like mangroves and others that support the endemic species of the forests. The Yala National Park has been divided into four blocks – all consisting of various species of plants, trees, and vegetation. Some of those blocks are out of bounds for the widespread public, while others remain open for safari excursions. Sprawled over 979 square kilometres, Yala National Park in southeast Sri Lanka is the nation’s largest and most-visited wildlife conservation zone.

The growth of invasive alien species corresponding to Lantana camara, Opuntia dillenii, Chromolaena odorata is threatening the native plants. In the water courses of Yala, 21 freshwater fish are discovered.

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When it involves birds, the national park has over 215 species. With a mixture of migrating birds, endemic birds, and national park-bred birds, this nationwide park is crammed with various vibrant and different species of birds.

Other chook species embrace varied fowl and quails, such as the Sri Lanka Junglefowl, doves and pigeons, three types of nightjar, crows and prinia including the Jungle Prinia. The park is famed for each its elephant, and the growing inhabitants of leopard. Alongside these signature animals, there’s a lot else to see in moist or dry seasons. In the Blocks III, IV, and V, forests are more widespread.

Issues To Do In Yala National Park

The turtles are caught in fishing nets and the fishermen additionally litter the seaside with debris. In the absence of hand-weeding, which was practiced till the Fifties, the transformation of interior grasslands to wash jungle is unavoidable. The tourism has created issues up to now, similar to automobiles harassing wild animals. The concern is most severe in Sithulpahuwa where thousands of pilgrims go to, leading to a fantastic degree of commercialisation.

Yala National Park is the most visited and second largest national park in Sri Lanka. It consists of 5 blocks, two of which are actually open to the basic public; and in addition adjoining parks. It is in the southeast area of the nation, and lies in Southern Province and Uva Province.

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Including Sri Lankan elephant, 44 species of mammals are resident in Yala National Park, and it has one of many highest leopard densities on the earth. 25 individual leopards are estimated to roam in Block I. The elephant herd of Yala contains 300–350 individuals.

The Cotton Pygmy-Goose lives within the wetlands, whereas varied other marsh-loving species of storks, cormorants, pelican, heron, egret, and ibis additionally hunt among the many marshes and coasts. Similarly, the smaller sandpipers and stints run alongside the beaches, while kingfishers and hornbills hunt from on excessive. Some predator birds include the White-bellied Sea-Eagle, kites, shikra, buzzards, and 4 species of owls. Smaller hunters such because the stunning green bee-eater and flycatchers are also frequent here.


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Crested Serpent-eagle and White-bellied Sea Eagle are the raptors of the park. The forest birds are Orange-breasted Green Pigeon, Hornbills, Old World flycatchers, Asian Paradise-flycatcher, Asian barbets, and Orioles. Some 44 completely different mammals also reside in Yala nationwide Park. One of the most well-liked is also the biggest, and that is the Elephant.

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A weekday is best and will stop you from being caught within the site visitors jam. The Yala National Park has been recognized as a area with a dry semi-arid local weather. The annual rainfall in Yala is lower than a one thousand millimeters, and it’s sustained by the north-east monsoon which falls in the course of the months November and January. During the other months of the yr, Yala stays dry, and there are cases where there could be seen extreme droughts, especially from July to September. The finest place in Sri Lanka to try and spot the elusive leopard, though you could also take a while out on a very nice Indian ocean seashore, climate permitting.


Kumbukkan Oya discharges seven times as much water in the wet season than in the dry season. A variety of lagoons are located alongside the coast line of the park. There are a number of routes to get to Yala from Colombo, whereas the route through Ratnapura and Tissamaharama is the shortest with 270 kilometres . Yala National Park is probably the most visited and second largest national park in Sri Lanka, bordering the Indian Ocean. Yala was designated as a wildlife sanctuary in 1900, and, along with Wilpattu was one of many first two nationwide parks in Sri …

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Further inland, Sithulpawwa is an ancient Buddhist monastery where caves display centuries-old rock work. Magul Vihara is one other pilgrimage website displaying historical ruins within the park. The finest way to get pleasure from a Yala National Park tour is to take Jeep safaris with a driver, however you’ll be able to blaze your personal trails with bicycles. About 47 species of reptiles have been recorded within the Yala National Park, of which 6 are endemic species. Sri Lankan flying snake, Sri Lankan krait, Bahir’s fan-throated lizard are some of the endemic reptilian species that are found right here.

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The other widespread mangrove species are Acanthus ilicifolius, Excoecaria agallocha, and Lumnitzera racemosa. There are six nationwide parks and three wildlife sanctuaries in the neighborhood of Yala. The park is situated within the dry semi-arid climatic region and rain is obtained mainly in the course of the northeast monsoon. Yala hosts a wide range of ecosystems ranging from moist monsoon forests to freshwater and marine wetlands.