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Yala National Park

Here’s everything you need to know about Yala National Park. Find all the information it in this article.

The variety of waterbirds inhabiting wetlands of Yala is ninety and half of them are migrants. Waterfowl , cormorants , large waterbirds (grey heron, black-headed ibis, Eurasian spoonbill, Asian openbill, painted stork), medium-sized waders Tringa spp., and small waders Charadrius spp. Black-necked stork and lesser adjutant are lots of the rare birds that might be seen in the park.

It is also a pilgrimage space that several pilgrims visit annually. Yala National park is a big area where tourists get pleasure from their tours and create new experiences. The large space of Yala National Park consists of 5 blocks. Yala National covers nine hundred and seventy-nine sq. kilometres and is located about 300 kilometres from Colombo.

What’s The Best Time To Go To Yala National Park?

Thorn scrub and grasslands are dominant in block 1 making it a more open space and easier to identify animals. Birds range from aquatic, to raptors, to songbirds, and embrace a broad range of sizes. The Cotton Pygmy-Goose lives within the wetlands, while varied different marsh-loving species of storks, cormorants, pelican, heron, egret, and ibis additionally hunt among the many marshes and coasts.

Yala has one of many highest leopard densities of the world and it’s estimated that that there are over 25 particular person leopards in Block I of Yala. However should you disturb the tranquil moods of these leopards will most likely be exhausting to identify these animals since they evade the human eye. Although our paradise island doesn’t possess vast land areas in comparison with other international locations, it’s wealthy in biodiversity and blessed with a few of the rare species of wildlife.

How Sizzling Is Yala?

Agriculture flourished in area in the course of the interval of Ruhuna Kingdom. According to Mahavamsa, the Kingdom of Ruhuna began to say no by the end of the 13th Century AD. During the colonial interval Yala grew to become a popular hunting floor. In the water programs of Yala, 21 freshwater fish are discovered.

Meanwhile, the migrant chook species additionally visit the park inside this period, ranging from the month of April. It can also be known as a semi-arid surroundings, as there’s a lot of greenery around though it is scorching. The average temperature within the website varies from 26C to 30C which has similarities to the average temperature in Sri Lanka. Moreover, Yala receives around 1300ml of annual rainfall, primarily from the Northern monsoon. During this time, the animals reside in the deep forest, having fun with plenty of recent water and food gifted from nature. The animals do not come into open a lot thus, if you go to throughout September-December interval don’t anticipate a lot of them to see in open.


The abundance and diversity of the wildlife make Yala National Park the leading national park in Sri Lanka. It is essentially the most visited and second largest of Sri Lankan national parks. The visitors are allowed to see the wild animals from 5.30 am to six.30 pm.

Besides, there isn’t a scarcity of safari tour operators who are ready to be at your service! The perfect time to visit can be between February and July when the water levels are lower as extra animals are usually out and about then. The monstrous Tsunami of 2004 struck the park on that fateful day of December 26. Some 250 people in and around the park were consumed by the rampaging waves, also endlessly changing the land features of Yala’s coastal belt. A Tsunami memorial is constructed at Patanangala, reminding visitors of the devastation it triggered and the lives it took. Visitors are allowed to get off at this point by the seashore.

Yala Morning Tour

There are many firms that are providing services for visiting Yala park. However, there is no safari service that will make sure the visibility of the animals in the park. But it’s assured that you could simply see a wide selection of birds within the park that belongs to the completely different species. Eagles, lizards, buffalo, wild boar, peacock, and deer are the common animals and birds that may be easily seen within the park throughout each time within the day.

It is reported that Europeans account for thirty per cent of the whole guests. The pilgrimage website has a sort of enclave status which is accessible FOC through separate roads from Tissa and Kataragama. The evidence for that is the big number of historical disregarded tanks discovered within the park. These tanks signify the rich hydraulic and agricultural civilisation that dated back to the 5th century. Agriculture flourished on this space which is full of vegetation in the course of the wet season.

It’s An Experience Of Epic Proportions

The park is extra generally in a dry semi-arid area, with intermittent rains during the monsoon season. Monsoons deliver massive quantities of water, however in drier months lagoons, streams and ponds are necessary for the survival of wildlife.

Yala is residence to a variety of native critters, as properly as endemic ones. Up to 215 species of bird, 44 kinds of mammals, 47 species of reptiles, 21 species of fish, and 18 of amphibians could be discovered here. Of course, these include elephants, leopards, jackals, sloth bears, and crocodiles. On your approach to Yala, it’s quite possible to spot leopards along the trails leading to the gates! So, in reality, your safari starts even earlier than you enter the park.


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The Northeast Monsoon happens round mid-October to late-December. During this time, it’s perfect to see the arrival of migratory birds from central Asia and the Himalaya. This park is situating in the dry semi-wet climatic region and rain is principally during the northeast monsoon. The cover of the forest primarily accommodates Drypetes sepiaria and Manilkara hexandra plant species. Cynodon barberi is the frequent grass in pitiya grasslands whereas Zoysia matrella becomes dominant close to the seaside. In the seasonally flooded areas of Block II, a wild species of rice is discovered.


We could all come from completely different walks of life but we’ve one widespread passion – studying through journey. The park lay immediately in the path of the Indian Ocean tsunami that impacted Sri Lanka for ninety minutes.

How Much Does Yala Safari Cost?

The mangroves of Block II happen across the estuary of Menik River, which prolong to a hundred hectares (0.39 sq mi). The common mangrove plants are Rhizophora mucronata, Sonneratia caseolaris, Avicennia spp., and Aegiceras corniculatum. The lagoons of Pilinnawa, Mahapothana, and Pahalapothana are additionally situated in this block. The other widespread mangrove species are Acanthus ilicifolius, Excoecaria agallocha, and Lumnitzera racemosa. Yala National Park accommodates five blocks, with the 2 south-eastern coastal blocks being the most frequently visited by the public.

Trincomalee, The Enchanting Town Of Lovely Sri Lanka!

Sri Lankan flying snake, Sri Lankan krait, Bahir’s fan-throated lizard are a few of the endemic reptilian species which are discovered right here. Other reptiles just like the Russell’s viper, Indian cobra, mugger crocodile, and saltwater crocodile are also found.

Threats To The Yala Nationwide Park

The common temperature at the park hovers around 27 degrees Celsius, though it can attain heights of 37 degrees in the course of the dry season. The first cease in your journey to the park will likely be at Tissamaharama, a city in the Hambantota district that acts as a gateway to Yala. Here is the place a majority of safari drivers choose up keen safari fanatics – try to book your trip prematurely so as to avoid having to cut price with safari guides on the last-minute. Yala National Park is positioned on the southern tip of Sri Lanka on the border of the Southern and Uva provinces. Ever fancied a stay among the thickets with the wildlife roaming about? The wildlife division manages bungalows with primary facilities and there are additionally campsites.